Sue Ann Heatherly

Sue Ann Heatherly, First2 Network Lead PI
Senior Education Officer, Greenbank Observatory

I am the Senior Education Officer at the Green Bank Observatory. I have been the Education Officer for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, now the Green Bank Observatory since 1987. At the Observatory, my role has been to engage teachers and students in real-world scientific research experiences, and to share the excitement of scientific discovery with the public. Our programs include science teacher workshops, student camps, and research programs like the Pulsar Search Collaboratory, and First2Network Internships.

I started out as a classroom science teacher and in 1987, I participated in a workshop at the Observatory that completely sold me on the value of authentic STEM experiences. While I was in residence for two weeks, I used a radio telescope to explore a distant galaxy called M 87. I worked in a team with fellow teachers and was mentored by the scientific staff here at the Observatory. Now, 30 years in to my job with the GBO, I have had the privilege of creating similar opportunities for teachers, students and the public to gain first-hand experience in doing science.

I love this work, and I’m really happy to share my expertise with the First2 Network, and to continue to learn from you all!

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