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The First2 Network is one of eight Alliances across the country funded through the NSF INCLUDES initiative. The First2 Network (First2) aims at improving the college enrollment rate and success of undergraduate STEM students, with emphasis on rural first-generation students through their first 2 years of college. At the core of our shared vision to improve student STEM success is the assumption that the students themselves should be co-creators of the solutions.

What we do

  • Create a new way to do business. Not “to” students; not ”for” students; but “with” students, we explore ways to improve the college STEM experience.
  • Connect pockets of good work and successful programs that improve the persistence of first generation STEM students.
  • Continuously test our ideas using a Networked Improvement Community model. 
  • Conduct educational research to understand the factors that affect rural first generation students’ entry into and persistence in STEM career pathways 
  • Foster new partnerships and programs addressing STEM success in West Virginia 
  • Support and grow a robust network across West Virginia and other Rural states like ours.

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