STEM Scholarships in West Virginia


WVU Computational Physics:

The CPHYS Scholarship is a scholarship program that provides up to $10,000 per year to physics students at West Virginia University. The scholarship may be awarded to high school seniors applying to WVU and to current physics students at WVU.

WV STATE University Scholarship:

The 1890 Scholarship Program provides scholarships to eligible students majoring in food, agriculture and natural resource-related degree programs, including applied Chemistry.

WVU Chemistry Scholarships:

There are several scholarships. You can read about them and choose the scholarships in the application here:


These higher education institutions have been awarded NSF S-STEM grants to provide scholarships and more to STEM majors. Each of these scholarships has a different disciplinary focus– from life sciences, to engineering, and some have clear need-based criteria. Check them out!