First2 has developed and curated a collection of articles, white papers, policy briefs, and other publications to serve as resources to those working to improve retention of first-gen and underrepresented students in STEM. See our list of publications here.

First2 Network holds two conferences a year to support knowledge-sharing between like-minded organizations and individuals in support of first-generation STEM students. Learn more about our conferences here.

First2 is developing a library of outreach materials to support current and future college students to pursue STEM degrees as well as be prepared to enter academic and professional STEM settings. Learn more about our outreach materials here.

Improvement science is a systematic approach to testing high-impact practices in education. The First2 Network uses improvement science to test high-impact practices — “change ideas” — that improve retention of first-generation and other under-represented college students in STEM fields. Learn more about improvement science here.

This page allows you to enter external funding opportunities that might be useful to First2 Network members as well as view a list of these opportunities.  Learn more here.

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