Dr. Johnavae Campbell

Johnavae Campbell (Ph.D. of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is a member of the First2 Network evaluation team from ICF and is personally and professionally committed to promoting equity in all her work. She began her evaluation work as a 2010 Graduate Evaluation Diversity Intern with the American Evaluation Association (AEA) where she was mentored on the use of culturally responsive and collaborative approaches in evaluation. Johnavae earned her doctorate in 2014, completing a dissertation on the use of collaborative evaluation in college access. She continued as an evaluator for the Evaluation, Assessment, and Policy Connections unit at UNC Chapel Hill and served as an adjunct professor in the School of Education. Now at ICF, Johnavae oversees impact and implementation study evaluations for a U.S. Department of Education (ED) Investing in Innovation (i3) grant in Jacksonville, Alabama, with regional university partners in North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana. She also is project manager for the Education Alliance’s Blended Learning project serving teachers and students across West Virginia and led the fidelity of implementation study for an i3-funded evaluation of College Possible, a college access program for low-income and minority students. Johnavae is an active member of AEA’s participatory, collaborative, and empowerment Topical Interest Group and has presented in that strand for five years.

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