Member Opportunities

Membership and participation in First2 Network has significant benefits for first-generation STEM students and allies of all ages.  Knowledge-sharing with like-minded others in support of first-generation STEM students is a major benefit of participation in First2 Network.  We have 2 conferences per year and multiple working groups and projects you can join. If you are interested in getting involved, we would love to include you. Please register on this site, or contact us at

Assistance for All First2 Network Members

  • Travel support is available for network members, to support First2 Network goals.
  • Stipend support is available for working group members, to support First2 Network goals.  

Opportunities for First Generation STEM Majors

  • You are the heart of the First2 Network. The First2 Network believes that STEM majors should be able work within their STEM field while in college rather than taking on unrelated jobs that steal time away from the college experience. 
  • We have some opportunities to jumpstart your authentic STEM research experience as a rising freshman, AND offer continued support doing research or vital work to improve STEM education systems in West Virginia.

Find out more about all the opportunities for students through the First2 Network

STEM Starter Teacher Award (K-12)

  • STEM teachers are critical to future student success in STEM.  Most students decide by the end of middle school whether to pursue a STEM career. High school teachers are students’ most important advisors in deciding to major in STEM. 
  • First2 Faculty: Do you notice students in your STEM classes who seem to handle the course expectations with ease, and can attribute this to high school preparation? Is there a high school or middle school teacher behind this success who prepares their students well?

Opportunities for STEM Professionals

  • Attend our conferences. First2 conferences are held twice per year – fall and spring. The conference bring together diverse stakeholders for networking, learning, and advancing the mission of the First2 Network.
  • Travel support is available for participants in the First2 Network.

If you are already a registered user, be sure to check out the First2 Network group pages for additional information.

Member Exchanges

  • First2 believes in the power of learning from each other by stepping into each other’s worlds. Have you met someone at a First2 event or heard about a First2 program?
  • First2 Network supports opportunities to learn from partners across the network.
  • Visit a First2 Network partner or other promising STEM program, organization, or business. Travel support is available
  • Interested in doing an exchange, but not sure what might be a good fit for you? Contact our exchange coordinator to discuss interests and ideas.

Become a First2 Campus

  • Early engagement in authentic STEM research is proven to increase student motivation to persist in STEM majors 
  • WV colleges, universities, and STEM industries can apply to host a 2-week summer research experience for rising freshmen STEM majors.
  • First2 Network provides stipends and subsistence support for students, and an honorarium to faculty leads at selected sites. 
  • You can learn about the program and steps to apply by visiting our informational page.