Apply: First2 Academic Year Programs

Priority Deadline for Student applications in July 15, 2023

The First2 Alliance is funded to learn how to help more students be successful in completing a STEM degree, with a target specifically of the first two years in college, since that is the time when most students withdraw. In First2, we co-create solutions with students to barriers that emerge from research and lived experiences of students.

We work with students to better understand how to help them, both our First2 students and all students. The National Science Foundation has many funding streams for scholarships and summer research programs. First2 was not funded to do these things, but was instead funded to learn how the activities provided can best be offered to support this student success. 

In that process, we may fund summer immersive research experiences or academic year activities to learn about their impact. No scholarships were proposed in First2. The student educational stipends are a mechanism to fund scholars so we may learn about the potential impact on student success of the various activities. This list of activities has been refined with student input as well as input from other network stakeholders. We continue to refine the list of activities to better lead to student success and network learning.

First2 supports students to help build a connected network that improves retention outcomes in STEM for all students. 

Students are funded to do work on three fronts: to help themselves, to help others and to help the network drive institutional learning and change.  

Student stipends are based on a rate of $15/hour.

Participation tiers, hours, and stipends (you choose)

Semester 1 is August 1 – December 31

Semester 2 is January 1 – May 31

  • First2 Scholar (tier 1): 50 hours per semester. $750/sem
    • (best for students who have other funding for research (e.g. RAP or Research Rookies, etc or students who would like a lighter commitment)
  • First2 Scholar (tier 2): 100 hours per semester. $1500/sem (main tier for students)
  • First2 Student Directors: 150 hours per semester. $2500/sem
  • First2 Student Co-Chair: 240 hours per semester. $4000/sem
  • Semester 2 Bonus Performance (pro-rated; Semester 1 bonus hours roll over)

Required Activities:

  1. Do research or shadow research/jobs *one hour minimum (in effect 2022-2023 school year)
  2. Attend 2 student work days  – one at the end of each semester (*in effect 2022-2023 school year)
  3. Do one outreach visit to a high school annually *may be virtual or in person and may happen in groups
  4. Attend one First2 Conference or Convening annually *at least 50% of the conference
  5. Attend club meetings or activities on your campus *minimum of 5 each semester
  6. Attend all-student meetings *minimum of 3 each semester (if you can’t make these, you may attend another network meeting to meet this requirement.  You may report on missed meetings forms for hours only but watching recordings can not be used to meet this requirement
  7. Complete a journal replying to provided prompt each semester
  8. Respond to all evaluation and research requests *via email
  9. Complete your timesheet monthly
    1. by the 15th of the following month
    2. Include a general overview plan for your intended activities with First2 to meet your hour commitment for the semester (on the first page of your timesheet – will be used to reflect if you get behind) (*in effect 2022-2023 school year)

***** Every requirement can have an exemption if you have special circumstances.  Required all-student meetings may be replaced by attending other network meetings.  Please denote on your timesheet and email Samantha notice.

LINK: Rationale – why are these pieces included

LINK:  Q and A
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