First2 Academic Year Scholars

First2 Research Scholars

The First2 Network believes that STEM majors should be able work within their STEM field while in college rather than taking on unrelated jobs that steal time away from the college experience.  We have some opportunities to jumpstart your authentic STEM research experience.

Students who are First2 students can work during the school year assisting professors in research in labs on campus and in industry labs near campus.

These students are First2 Research Scholars.  Interested and want to learn more? Contact us (

First2 Ambassadors

First2 Ambassadors understand the challenges and opportunities from their own life journey and from the experiences of their peers.  They are uniquely positioned to educate others on how we can collectively better serve this demographic of promising students.  First2 Ambassadors serve as both experts and inspiration for people working to improve STEM pathways for students.

First2 Ambassadors present in their hometowns, at area schools, on their campus, at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, at the Academy for Sciences annual meeting, to the West Virginia Legislature, with college administrators and faculty, with K12 leaders, at First2 statewide conferences, at national meetings, and more. First2 provides support for ambassador training, educational stipends, and travel. Interested and want to learn more? Contact us (

Student Leadership State-Wide Working Group

All students are invited to participate in the First2 Student Leadership State-Wide Working Group. Participation for First2 Scholars (students receiving educational stipends from First2) is expected, and participation is open to any interested student.

This working group will meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time.  Email for more information.

NOTE: Student groups will only meet as needed during the summer months. Interested and want to learn more? Contact us (

Student Directors

First2 Student Directors serve as the leaders of the student leaders (since all students in our network are leaders) as the staff for the network and campus clubs, and as campus and network liaison. Students can serve in a Director capacity in addition to doing research or being summer mentors. Our Student Directors are thought partners in leading the network, and work to coordinate student voice and participation in the network. Student Directors will receive up to$750 per academic semester for their additional leadership responsibilities. Students should plan to spend 5-7 hours per week, and 2-3 full days of conferences and other in-person meetings with the First2 Network per semester. Student Directors will remain minimally active in the summer term, as we expect Directors to be fully immersed in career-advancing research internships of their own.

We are looking for applicants that are strong in all areas. However, the First2 Network is committed to building leadership as we advance our work. We do not expect that students will come into director roles with every skill they need, but selection preference will be given to students with relevant experience and skills.

Each Director will hold a director officer position, support a local campus club with logistic, and serve as a peer mentor to other students.

Role One: Be a director of the Student Leadership Working Group

  • The Student Directors are Student Leadership State-wide Working Group leaders and officers. These Directors’ meetings are open to others to sit in on, but are mandatory for Directors. Directors may call executive sessions as needed during meetings.
  • The Student Directors lead the Student Leadership State-wide Working Group. During the school year, the Directors will meet every week that the larger working group does not meet, most likely at the same standing time.
  • The Directors will craft agendas for the working group, set and run meetings, maintain strong internal communication, lead community outreach efforts, report to other working groups and committees, and create and test change ideas.

Role Two: First2 Clubs on each home campus.

  • Each Student Director will serve as a connection to their campus. They will be an ambassador to their colleges and their home school systems and host a campus club in partnership with a faculty or staff sponsor.
  • Student Directors will help plan, market, and manage a small budget for food and supplies, get food, help to facilitate meetings, and assess the effectiveness of campus-based First2 club meetings. For each meeting, we estimate 5 hours of prep, planning, and holding meeting (30 hours meeting time) per semester plus 20 hours for campus outreach and training each semester.

Role Three: Serve as a peer mentor

  • Our Student Directors are some of our greatest assets, and they will serve as peer mentors on the front lines. Student Directors’ contact information will be shared with students in the First2 Network, and will be available to mentor through text, in person, by visiting a class, at a club meeting, or as needed.
  • Directors will help students connect with resources for studying, academic success, social support, and health and wellness needs.

The First2 Student Coordinator and Steering Committee will assist the Student Directors in identifying resources as needs arise. Interested and want to learn more? Contact us (