First2 Scholarship

Application Opens April 1st, 2022

All incoming first-generation or underrepresented college freshmen pursuing a degree in STEM are encouraged to apply to win a one-time $1,000 Scholarship

  • Must be an incoming college freshman
  • Must plan to attend and enroll at a West Virginia college or university
  • Must be a West Virginia resident
  • Must plan to pursue and enroll in a STEM Major
  • Must be first-generation or underrepresented in STEM

  • Detail your background as a first-gen or underrepresented student and why you’re pursuing a degree in STEM
  • 1-2 pages
  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font
  • First-generation: Neither parent or guardian has graduated from a 4-year institution
  • Underrepresented in STEM: Women, persons with disabilities, Black/African American, Hispanics or Latinos, and American Indians or Native Americans
  • Eligible STEM Majors:
    • Biological sciences (except medicine and other clinical fields);
    • Physical sciences (including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and materials science);
    • Mathematical sciences;
    • Computer and information sciences;
    • Geosciences;
    • Engineering; and
    • Technology areas associated with the preceding disciplines (for example, biotechnology, chemical technology, engineering technology, information technology, etc.)
    • Secondary science and math education
  • Deadline is May 16th
  • Chosen scholar will be notified by June 1st