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Welcome to our community for improving STEM persistence in rural first-generation college students.


Evaluation Reports Shows Summer Immersion Experience Build Student Confidence 

After participating in First2 Network summer internships, students feel more confident in their ability to do well in STEM courses! To learn more, read the evaluation from our first year of operation:

Student Opportunities for First Generation STEM Majors

The First2 Network believes  that STEM majors should be able work within their STEM field while in college rather than taking on unrelated jobs that steal time away from the college experience.  We have some opportunities to jump-start your authentic STEM research experience as a rising freshman, AND offer continued support doing research or vital work to improve STEM education systems in West Virginia:

  • We have paid leadership opportunities for first generation students in our network. Be a mentor to younger students; Do outreach to your hometown high schools, boards or education and others. Interested in learning more about ALL of our opportunities for undergraduates? Check out the details here!
  • We have summer internship opportunities for rising college freshmen! The 202 opportunity will be advertised soon, but you can take a look at the application for a two-week 2019 Summer Research Internship for rising college freshmen: Two-Week Summer Internship Application

Other Opportunities:

  • Travel support is available for participants in the First2 Network. To learn more and apply, use the following link: Travel Application Request
  • If you are not a student and you are interested in getting involved, we would love to include you. Please contact us at, or email Erica Harvey directly at
  • If you are already a registered user, be sure to check out the First2 Network group pages for additional information.  


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