Summer Research Mentor

First2 Summer Mentor Scholars have completed at least one year of college, and will plan and mentor during summer immersive 2-week experiences for rising freshmen. Each Summer Mentor Scholar will be expected to do 40-70 hours of planning and wrap-up (including final reports), in addition to being a residential mentor for a 12 day internship. Summer Research Mentors will be on-site during the 2-week internship, living and working alongside the younger students. Summer Mentor Scholars receive an educational stipend of up to $1600. Travel, room and board are provided for immersive experiences.

Summer Research Mentors will assist Summer Research Site Leads with planning their summer site, including developing a schedule of campus activities, orientation, leadership development of students, and recreational events to promote student bonding and success, both during the summer and once they start the school year.   

The undergraduate mentors at each site will be responsible for several aspects of the Immersion program.  Prior to the camp mentors will assist the sites in contacting potential student participants and developing an initial schedule of activities for the two-week program.  During the Immersion Experience the mentors will live in the residence halls with the participants working with the participants as they find their way around the sites, developing social networks, work with students in their research activities, and assisting the participants in developing their final presentations.  Individual sites may have additional needs based on the specific needs of programs and participants.  To prepare for these responsibilities the First2Network will host a training session in May 11-13, 2020.

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