First2 Scholars


We value our students as experts in their own experience and irreplaceable partners on this journey of change. Any student who receives funding through the First2 Network is a First2 Scholar.

The goal of the First2 Scholars program is to resource students’ time: to conduct STEM research/STEM career immersion and to achieve the First2 Network aims. First2 Network financially supports our scholars’ participation as network leaders, researchers, mentors, educators, and more – to enable students to invest their time and focus on leveraging STEM pathway success for themselves and for others.

All First2 Scholars will have opportunities to continue involvement with the First2 Network, including income-earning, leadership development, research, and travel opportunities.


All scholars will complete activities that include experience in STEM research, career immersion, education and outreach, peer mentoring, and First2 Network participation through a variety of programs. Scholars will pick a focus area to spend the majority of their hours (research, career immersion, education and outreach, peer mentoring, First2 Network-related activities).

First2 Scholars can apply for support to:

  1. Engage lab or field research on campus or off campus, especially in their first 2 years of college.
  2. Explore STEM career immersion including STEM career work that is not research-specific (for example, interning in programming at a tech company.)
  3. Serve in community outreach and education programs in STEM.
  4. Mentor peers in STEM.
  5. Plan and implement First2-related programs and initiatives, including early immersive experiences in STEM.

All First2 Scholars will:

  1. Be provided with mentoring and leadership development through the program.
  2. Have the opportunity for paid travel to conferences and other events.
  3. Apply for mini-grants to do Ambassador presentations.
  4. Participate in First2 Network campus meetings, the monthly Student Leadership State-Wide Working Group monthly meeting, and statewide events.
  5. Make at least one presentation of their research and/or the First2 Network per funding cycle (fall, spring, summer).
  6. Serve as a peer mentor.  

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Have more questions?  See our Scholars FAQ here.