STEM Undergraduate Outreach Specialist AmeriCorps Opportunity

The First2 Network, in partnership with the Pulsar Search Collaboratory and the Green Bank Observatory, is sponsoring a 6-month AmeriCorps position (beginning in March, 2021). This position is full time, and available to a first generation STEM student who is either taking a break from college this semester, or who has recently graduated.

Program Title: Increasing the Impact of STEM Undergraduate Outreach Programs in WV

The AmerCorps member– the STEM Undergraduate Outreach Specialist–will develop synergies between programs that engage undergraduate students in near-peer mentoring and STEM outreach in WV including: the Pulsar Search Collaboratory, the Science Public Outreach Team (operated by Green Bank Observatory), and the First2 Network Student Ambassador program, with the ultimate goal of amplifying the impact of these programs. The successful candidate will develop and share a research-based rationale for near-peer mentoring and undergraduate STEM outreach to K-12 schools, develop relationships with existing undergraduate outreach programs in WV, identify gaps in these programs, assist in the creation and curation of outreach resources and catalyze the development of an undergraduate outreach network in the State.

Position Details:

The STEM Undergraduate Outreach Specialist position will start March 16th and end in August, and encompass a commitment of 900 hours minimum (about 40 hours/week). High Rocks Educational Corporation manages the AmeriCorps program and will require mandatory training, and regular reporting. Green Bank Observatory is the “site” for this position, although this position will be remote, giving the AmeriCorps Member the opportunity to work from any location within the State with an internet connection. Green Bank Observatory staff will supervise the Member’s activities on a day-to-day basis.

Financial Benefits:

The AmeriCorps Member receives a stipend of $608.35, twice a month (15th and last day). 
The other benefit is an Education Award of $3,097.5 at the successful completion of AmeriCorps service which can be used to pay on existing student debt, current, or future education expenses.  There are now a number of colleges that will match those funds, too. You may also be eligible for student loan forbearance and interest payments (for qualified loans, and if applicable).


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