Statement of Solidarity from First2 Network

First2 Network is dedicated to the success of rural, first-generation STEM students and other underrepresented populations in STEM. In light of the unrest arising from the horrific death of George Floyd, we find it necessary now more than ever to voice our support for African American students and the African American community as a whole. First2 believes that all students deserve a safe, inclusive learning environment that is free from systemic racism.

We are committed to listening to and amplifying the voices of our African American students and colleagues in the First2 Network, the National INCLUDES Network, and in our schools and communities. We ask that each of you make time to listen to how people are affected and ask how you can help. Numerous organizations are putting out lists of educational materials and it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and learn how we can rally together to impact change and promote an equitable, anti-racist society (see links below).

We invite you to partner with us as we focus on promoting the success of underrepresented populations of STEM students in the state of West Virginia. If you have any additional suggestions for concrete actions that the Network can take to ensure that all STEM students can succeed, please send your ideas to ­­, or contact us via social media. If you prefer to interact with a person, you can contact Erica Harvey at or 304-367-4498. ­ Thank you, First2 Network Leadership Team

Links to statements and resources:

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