Seeking proposal reviewers

Would you like to become more familiar with First2 opportunities like summer internships and campus clubs? Become a proposal reviewer!

Last month, the First2 Network issued a request for proposals to apply to host summer research camps for rising freshmen as well as campus clubs. We are seeking First2 members who would be willing to review and score proposals. This is a great way for members who have not yet hosted First2 student programs to get familiar with the process and become inspired to apply in a future year! The review period would be from December 17-December 29. Each reviewer will have a score sheet and will be responsible for reviewing 4-5 proposals. These are each 4-5 pages long plus a budget. The main criteria you should meet to be a reviewer is that you are NOT involved in a proposal for this year! If you are willing to help, please send a quick email to Sue Ann at sheather “AT”, subject line “proposal review”.

Thanks for your consideration!

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