Nominate a teacher for our STEM Starter Award!

Nominate a deserving middle or high school teacher for the First2 STEM Starter award.

Did you know that STEM teachers are critical to future student success in STEM? Most students decide by the end of middle school whether to pursue a STEM career. High school teachers are students’ most important advisors in deciding to major in STEM. The STEM Starter Award was developed by First2 Students to recognize “STEM Starter” teachers by paying their way to a state-level conference in their field! First 2 Students and Faculty can nominate teachers for this award:

  • First2 Students: Why did you decide to major in a STEM field?  Was there a teacher or counselor who inspired, encouraged or prepared you well to take the next step on your STEM journey?
  • First2 Faculty: Do you notice students in your STEM classes who seem to handle the course expectations with ease, and can attribute this to high school preparation? Is there a high school or middle school teacher behind this success who prepares their students well?