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Our Values

Sean Harwell June 30, 2020
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Student voice
  • Leadership
  • Agency and decision-making
  • Improvement science
  • Collaboration to impact change
  • Legislative and Policy Ambassador
  • Institutional Ambassador

Student Involvement

  • •Summer Immersive Experiences
  • First2 Network Campus Clubs
  • Hometown Ambassador
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Campus Research Mentoring
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Student Director
  • Working Groups
First2 Students participating in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

Key Successes

Our external evaluation team conducted 4 focus groups with First2 Network students from the 4 universities that held summer immersive research during the summer of 2019. As a warm-up activity, students were asked to share one word that described their experience to date in the First2 Network. This is what students said:

When students were asked how they had learned about First2, the most common routes identified were either by direct invitation from faculty members involved with First2 or by students/mentors involved with First2. Others reported learning about First2 through their high schools, HSTA, or at a college orientation.

Quotes from First2 Students

“I did it . . . to see all the different branches of my major and figure out a particular path to go down.”

“I think I really did it because it was very inspiring and I wanted to help incoming college students to be ready for college and have strong feelings to STEM majors because it’s very easy to get scared in your first two years of college with all the STEM classes you have to take so I really wanted to inspire all these people.”

“For me it was the early research experience and getting the hands-on immersive experience so that I could be on campus before school actually started and gain new friends and get those connections.”

“I thought it kind of hooked me in just because it was almost like HSTA but for college, because I was like already used to being in this type of network that wanted to help first- generation and minorities. And, just being able to transfer from high school to college. I thought it was a really easy transition into First2.”