Hey, All!

Hey, All!

I have recently been added to this group, and thought I'd just introduce myself (okay, and maybe ask some questions)!
My name is Meredith and I am currently an undergraduate student at Concord University (Athens, WV) studying geology and geography. Currently, I am an active member of our university Geology Club and help out when I can with other university functions and organizations. 

I've been working with CU's SOWK department assisting folks with navigating the foster and adoptive parent training process. Once the semester starts back up I'll be working back in our electron microprobe lab analyzing tephra (volcanic ash) samples from the west coast.

My current undergraduate research focuses on finding distal/trace volcanic ash deposits in sediment cores of northern Indiana and the Grand Kankakee Marsh region and tracing them back to known eruptions. This allows us to establish time horizons in the paleoenvironmental record of the area. In June, I accompanied Dr. Katherine Glover of UMaine to the Kankakee region for Nat Geo funded field work which served as part of my research. In the field we used several coring devices to take cores from wetland areas across what used to be the marsh. I plan to visit LacCore (UMN) this coming semester to sample several cores in their repository. If I can secure a bit more funding (I was awarded a Geo Society research grant that covers my time at LacCore, among other things) I'd like to take a first or second year student, as it would be a super cool experience!

So, that's a little about myself! I'd love to be involved with First 2, and helping my fellow friends and schoolmates/W.Virginians succeed.

If there's anything I could help anyone with or if anyone from southern WV would like to meet up for a chat just shoot me a message via email: merriedee3@gmail.com


Thanks and enjoy the weekend!



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  1. Nice to meet you! (virtually, that is)

    I am a Biochemistry major at WVU with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.  I have a strong interest in microbiology and plant pathology.  I'd love to hear about your trip to UMaine sometime, I am heavily looking into UMaine for grad school!