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  • Joanna Burt-Kinderman

    May 29, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    Quick reminder – please jump on twitter and show the dedication and diversity of First2Network in 15 minutes!


    Help us get the word out about F2N nationally!  

    May 29, 2:30-3:30 PM on Engaging #StudentVoice. Follow the conversation & tweet using #INCLUDESChat.

    We've been asked to participate in a live twitter chat by the NSF INCLUDES hub focused on student voice.  We ask all F2N members at all levels to take to twitter, and at least post once, identifying yourself as a First2Network member (use @First2Network at the end of your comment) and using the hashtag #INCLUDESChat. on your tweet or comment.  Following #INCLUDESChat will help you see the entire conversation.    


    We get to preview the questions:  

    •How can we best engage students in our broadening participation in STEM work? Can you share a strategy that helps you engage student voice?

    •Can you give an example of when a student's input changed the way you do or talk about your work? Students, can you give an example of when your input made a strong impact in a project/work?

    •Do you invite student input in designing or adapting courses or programs? How do they provide input? As a student, how often are you asked for input in course or program design?

    •How have you incorporated student voice into the evaluation of your broadening participation in STEM work?

    •How can our work create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing their voice?

    •With so much learning moving online, what tools have you found most useful in connecting with students? How do students prefer to share their thoughts and input?


    This is a wonderful opportunity to have the nation hear about our work!  Thank you!  Joanna