First2 Students Present at WVU’s Virtual Symposium


West Virginia University's 4th Annual Undergraduate Spring Symposium is now live! The symposium is an opportunity to celebrate undergraduate scholarly activity (research/creative endeavors) from WVU students and from three of our First2 students.

Visit at: (open and curated April 16-30, 2020)

Important Information for Attendees:

  1. You can find all presentation abstracts in the Symposium booklet 2020 (see button on upper right hand corner). The booklet is available for download.
  2. On the Symposium website, you will find presentations in three main categories:  Poster presentations, Oral presentations and Visual & Performing Arts presentations.
  3. Inside each main category, you will find a brief description of the research being presented and/or links to subcategories that represent different fields of research.  
  4. After choosing a subcategory, a list with the titles of presentations and links to the abstract and presentation will be available. Click on these links to view.
  5. Once you click on the presentation link, you will be able to see the image of either a poster, a slide show, or a performance. Most of the presentations will have sound embedded in the images. If you find a presentation without sound, please go through the posted files for that specific presentation and you will find a separate file with a recording voice for that presentation.
  6. Commenting on presentations is currently unavailable for most symposium attendees (especially those who are not from WVU) at this time; however, we are working diligently to enable this feature in the near future so that presenters and attendees can interact to discuss the research further.

Below, are provided direct links to the research presentations by First2 students: Aubrey, Jordan and Isabella. Please visit their presentations.

Aubrey Cumberledge Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Biology Craig Barrett Phylogenetic Relationships in New Caledonian Palms (Arecaceae) with a Focus on Archontophoeniceae and Chambeyronia   | Presentation

Jordan Means School of Medicine Immunology and Medical Microbiology Timothy Eubank Isolation of Mouse Macrophages and Differentiation to M1 and M2 Phenotypes  | Presentation

Isabella Hurley Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Biology Daniel McNeil Patient’s Expectation of Medication for Dental Pain | Presentation


Michelle Richards-Babb

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