First2 Network presents to the National Science Foundation Office of Integrative Activities

Along with fellow Alliance “SEAS”, First2 Network presented our efforts and learnings at a town hall style meeting for the Office of Integrative Activities at the National Science Foundation on July 21. We told about what we are and what we do, and presented some examples of our learning– from research, from our students, and from Improvement Science– to the group of about 20 NSF officials. At the end it was so awesome to hear our audience members speak up about their own first generation stories! Subsequently we were invited to produce a “highlight” for a biennial report that NSF presents to Congress We need to capture the First2 Network in 150 words, and provide a picture that illustrates the theme of leadership.

If you have any pictures from perhaps a summer internship or a campus club meeting that illustrates student leadership, please, please share for consideration for this highlight. Post it to the website or reach out to your most convenient First2 Leader.

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