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Dezirea Ann Boore

Can I make new Google Docs from HUBzero?

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    Dezirea Ann Boore

    You cannot create them directly from the HUBzero platform, but you can use an already made Word Doc and turn it into a Google Doc.

    1. First, you must be signed into your HUBzero account

    2. From the dashboard, click which group you wish to add your doc too

    3. Click projects on the left side

    4. Click the desired project

    5. On the left side click _____ Folder on First2 Network Google Drive

    6. Click in the desired section and/or folder

    7. Click the upload button and select your file

    8. Once you upload your file, notify someone with google drive access that you need your file updated // make sure to tell them what folder the file is in for access 

    9. Once they confirm your word to google doc you should be good to go access it from HUBzero only, and so should everyone else in the group

    Once you have confirmed it has been switched to a Google Doc make sure to DELETE your original DOC // mark the box beside the file and click the trash can at the top to delete it

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