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Robert Rios

for help

something has died inside of me when my world got turned around when my daughter was taking from me for doing the right thing and then got victimisation by Sacramento family courts long story short it was a open close case mom went to jail for domestic violence I had my daughter  and did not touch her mother but in court the judge coached the Grandma into lieing .quote on quote has Mr Rios ever physical hurt your daughter she replied no I have never seen him hit or hurt her I seen him bee an ass to her but hit or hurt her this was her response three times in a row when the judge looked at her and stated listen to me carefully Mr Rios head butted your daughter right her response was no I'm mean yes then the judge quickly hit the gavel and said expected . now it has been two years and apparently the mom was pregnant with my son so that's two kids I haven't seen or meet in two years I not only want to be in my kids life but I want justice. more then anything because if not my kids will understand that all they have to do is lie and be evil and you will get your way but to be honest you will lose every time. 

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