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  1. Newsletter Articles

    WVSTA Student Leaders PanelOn Saturday, Oct. 26, First2 Student Leaders Lance Beck, Gabby Broski, Shannon Knowlton and Sarah Starcovic engaged in a 25-minute panel discussion at the West Virginia...

  2. First2 Network Alliance Application Information

    FIRST2 NETWORKINTERESTED IN BEING PART OF OUR NETWORK?We are always looking for motivated students and professionals who are passionate about youth leadership and currently have opportunities open...

  3. First2 Conference (Fall 2019) Post Survey

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  4. First2 Conference (Fall 2019) Survey

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  5. Fall Newsletter

    "By working together, we achieve more than when we go at it independently."This was the premise for which Million Women Mentors Awards Gala and Summit was founded, an event...

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Knowledge Base feed

  1. Where do I go for documentation?

    Documentation can be found in HUBzero's documentation page.

  2. Why is Hispanic / Latino not a racial background choice?

    According to U.S. government guidelines, ethnic heritage and racial background are to be separate, distinct questions and responses. "Ethnic Heritage" defines membership in cultural groups such as...

  3. Group Guidelines & Tips

    Ultimately it is the Admins that decide what the rules are for their group, but if you have been made a manager of a group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group happy:Manager...

  4. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleaguesCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to seeExport their content to other web...

  5. Earning points in the Questions & Answers forum

    Each question in the forum has its own "market" value, which reflects the level of community interest the question has generated. This is calculated by summing up the weighted number of answers,...

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Resources feed

  1. A Three-Day Internship at Chemours (Washington Works, WV Site) Promotes STEM

    15 Oct 2019 | Contributor(s):: Adam Smith

    A group of five West Virginia 2019 high school graduates, three college student mentors, and Professor of Chemistry at Fairmont State University, Erica Harvey, recently attended a week-long internship in the research and development labs at Washington Works through a unique partnership between...

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  1. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...

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