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Interns Complete Summer Work


Kaylee Andersen and Dezirea Boore ave completed the 2019 summer SGCI internship. Here are their accomplishments:


  • Completed the Welcome Page Design

  • Completed the Database for Internship Opportunities

  • Completed the Form for the Internship Opportunities

  • Have completed 4 different forms for Holly (which is a huge start)

    • Began a path of code for the complete set up for hollys form

      • Actually completing this code will take a while to do

  • Learned the basis of new Computing Languages

    • PHP

    • CSS

    • HTML

    • JavaScript

  • Learned some of the background with SSH and how to manipulate the server side of a website by editing the supergroup pages

  • Learned the administrative side of HubZero on dev-aquavit (our practice site) and the First2 Network


    • Members

      • How to add members and accept them

      • How to manage the members access levels 

      • Adding and deleting members from groups automatically

      • Changing passwords and being able to delete censored content if necessary 

    • Groups

      • Adding and deleting group pages

      • Adding directory files 

      • Editing the group page itself and making it look “pretty”

    • Access Levels

      • Adding and editing the current access levels for who can view and edit certain content 


    • Menu Manager

      • How to edit the toolbar and footbar menus 

      • Adding and deleting new ones

      • Exploring all the different menu types you can have on the site and what most of them do

        • Ex. External URL and Single page Articles

      • How to order the toolbars 

        • Still do not understand what the error 500 means when you save the order of the new toolbar order


    • Article Manager

      • When adding a Single Article to the Menu Manager you can link it to redirect you to an article 

      • Article Manager is where you can edit current articles and post top stories and secondary stories

    • Media Manager

      • Used this quite a lot when adding images to the site so there are no external sites and images being linked and possibly messing up the site in the future


    • Module Manager (where we spent most of the time)

      • The 

    • Template Manager

      • The main hub for where the code for the HubZero layout is kept and managed

      • HubZero has several templates they already have set in place to use for the site