Student Opportunity

West Virginia, and the Nation need more STEM professionals, but completing a STEM course of study can be challenging. The First2Network is a growing group of professors, state officials and students like you who want to improve persistence in STEM during the first two years of college.  We are piloting efforts to support you and others  to achieve success. We ask you to join us in building a better environment for STEM students, and to be an advocate and leader in your hometown by encouraging future STEM students in your community.

If you are a senior in high school, (or a non traditional student preparing to go to college) who will be a first generation college student planning to major in a science, technology, engineering or math related field, then consider joining the First2Network.  We are seeking rising freshmen who will be enrolled in a West Virginia community college, or 4-year college in the fall of 2017. We will be able to select about 35 students to participate in this pilot project.

Program Activities:feedhorn

As a student member of the First2Network you will participate in several  STEM related activities:

  • July 16-29, 2017 research Internship: his  2-week all expenses paid research internship at one of two First2 research sites: Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV, or the Green Bank Observatory in Green Bank, WV.   This experience will give you a “leg-up” as a STEM major and could lead to future internships.
    • The Green Bank Observatory Internship will immerse you in a national research center dedicated to understanding the universe. The research project has an engineering flavor, and will focus on building an optimizing an inexpensive radio telescope, using common or cheap components.
    • The Fairmont State University Internship is part of the Solar Army Project that started at Cal Tech. The Research goal is to project is to find a metal oxide material that is cheap, stable, non-toxic, and efficient at converting sunlight into hydrogen fuel.

      • weekly online meetings with fellow First2 colleagues during the 2017/2018 academic year to develop STEM skills, discuss issues with friends and to solve problems.
      • become a hometown STEM ambassador. You are the best person in your community to inspire future STEM students and to dialogue with local education officials and business leaders,  about your STEM experience!  We expect you to visit your home district 4 times over the course of your freshman and sophomore years.

      Benefits to you:

      • These activities are designed to better prepare you for success as a STEM person!
      • Travel support to present at a STEM conference in the State.
      • Depending on your level of completion, up to $600 over the course of the two years will be awarded:
        • $300 for completing the research internship summer of 2017
        • $100 for participating in the academic year meetings in year 1
        • $50.00 for each of 4 Hometown STEM ambassador visit during years 1 and two (travel support provided also).