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Gamble, Susan West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network
Gutierrez, Robert Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Hamilton, Maria Marshall University
I was born and grew up in Romania. Now I teach physics at Marshall University, including Introductory Physics, Bio- and Medical Physics, and...
Harvey, Erica Lyn Fairmont State University
I have been a chemistry professor at Fairmont State University since 1994 and currently lead the Creative Sustainability Council on campus as part...
Heatherly, Sue Ann Green Bank Observatory
I am the Senior Education Officer at the Green Bank Observatory. I have been the Education Officer for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory,...
Howdy Folks! My name is Meredith (Mere, Mert, Merrie D), and I currently study Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science (minor) at Concord...
Hemler, Deb Fairmont State University
Henson, Kristy D Fairmont State University
I am an assistant professor of forensic science at Fairmont State University. I am a physical anthropologist with special interestes in human...