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Ann Chester


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    West Virginia University

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    University / College Staff

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    Capacity Building
    College Readiness
    Steering Committee

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    Ann Chester, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Health Sciences and Technology Academy (HSTA) a campus/community partnership program initiated in 1994 which reaches out to 9th-12th grade under-represented students across West Virginia and supports them towards college and professional school. The program brings under-represented students and their teachers to multiple university campuses during summers for laboratory and classroom training and enrichment activities, and then provides the infrastructure and support for community-based science club projects mentored by teachers, scientists, health professions students and volunteer community leaders during the school year. A distinctive piece of HSTA is its students’ development of research projects that examine and address health issues faced by their communities. These projects form the core of the HSTA experience and drive the academic learning the program promotes. The projects turn HSTA students into community advocates who address health and social issues at home even as they prepare to move on to college and beyond. HSTA has provided the foundation for a statewide pipeline complete with a college tuition waiver for future health care professionals and scientists prepared to practice in under-served areas. An overwhelming 99% of the 2700 successful HSTA high school graduates attend college, 87% graduate with a 4 year degree or better (91% have graduated from both 2 and 4-year institutions or are still in college), 62% choose health sciences or STEM majors and 84% stay in WV to work.

  • I'm interested in these STEM education questions:
    How can we increase retention in first gen students in STEM. What are the key ingredients that retain first gen students in STEM

  • What I have to offer the First2 Network:
    25 years of experience as Director of the Health Sciences & Technology Academy

  • What I seek from the First2 Network:
    networking, best practices, national audience

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    Yes, send me emails