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Jack Smith


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    Dr. Smith is a quantum chemist who "retired" from 25 years in industry at Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, where he specialized in the application of computational chemistry to catalysis and material science. He is currently the Cyberinfrastructure Coordinator for WV Science and Research, a division of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) in Charleston, where he supports research computing for higher education throughout the state and maintains web applications used by the division and the WV EPSCoR program. Jack is also a member of the First2 Network, an NSF INCLUDES alliance, where the division serves as a backbone organization, which includes the development of a HUBzero-based collaboration portal. Jack is also a part-time staff member with the Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences (GEGAS) at Marshall University, where he has participated on several projects, mostly in support of scientific applications on Marshall’s HPC cluster (Big Green), visualization applications at their Visualization Lab, or in the development of virtual training environments. He’s also an Adjunct professor for the College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) at Marshall. Jack is currently involved in various modeling activities for the AFI and SENSE projects, both funded by the NSF EPSCoR program, as well as the development of a HUBzero-based collaboration portal called Aquavit that serves both projects. A more recent activity is his development of a water quality data portal within Aquavit in collaboration with the GeoEDF project at Purdue, which is funded by an NSF CSSI grant. At the National level, Jack has served various roles within the XSEDE Campus Champion program, including two terms on the Leadership Team, and the Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI), assisting academic researchers in computational and data-intensive science using high performance computing throughout the country.

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