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Summer Research Program

Do research this summer!

The First2 Network is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for first-generation college students and other underrepresented students in STEM in West Virginia who are majoring in STEM.

Are you a senior in high school or nontraditional student preparing to go to college?

Are you first-generation?  The First2 Network definition of first-generation is that neither of your custodial parents graduated with a 4-year degree, even if your siblings went to college or your parents have some college.

OR - Are you underrepresented minority?  STEM needs more women, more people of color, and more diversity!

AND - Are you planning to major in science, technology, engineering, or math?

Then you are in the right place!

We are seeking rising freshmen who will be enrolled in a West Virginia community college, or a 4-year college in the fall of 2020, to join a program designed to support rural, first generation students majoring in STEM fields.

You will become part of a community of students who are like you, so that you are not going through this experience alone.  West Virginia, and the Nation need more STEM professionals, but completing a STEM course of study can be challenging.  The First2 Network is a growing group of professors, state officials, other professionals and students like you who want to enhance your success in STEM during the first two years of college.  We ask you to join us in building a better environment for STEM students, and to be an advocate and to be an advocate and leader in your hometown by encouraging future STEM students in your community.

By completing this application you are agreeing, if accepted, to join the First2 Network and:

  • Participate in an all expenses paid two-week STEM research internship in summer of 2020
  • Participate in our educational research study
  • Upon successful completion of the program you will be awarded up to $600 and travel scholarship

You will also be offered the opportunity to:

  • Participate in academic year leadership programs that are designed to help you succeed.  This may include online meetings providing you a forum for discussion, problem solving and skill development
  • Become a STEM ambassador by visiting your hometown community, legislators and/or your school administration
  • Join academic year research programs to begin or continue research activities
  • Join a campus club 
  • Participate in professional meetings and conferences

First2 Summer Scholars are rising freshmen who are accepted at a First2 2-week immersive summer research internship. This internship is approximately 2 weeks long. Summer Scholars receive $600. Travel, room and board are provided for residential immersive experiences.