First2 students take charge with “Mental Wellness Month”

Our First2 students recognize how important wellness, and a healthy state of mind is to success in coursework, professional pursuits and life in general! Abigail Williams is starting the month of activitiess out with a Zoom Yoga session on March 11! She invites all First2 members, be you faculty, students, teachers, business partners…… Join in, feel better and support this 100% student led initiative! Here’s Abigail’s invitation: “Hi everyone! For Mental Wellness Month, I’m holding a group yoga and meditation session this Thursday, March 11, from 4:00-4:40 PM on Zoom. We’ll be doing lots of simple practices so anyone can join even if you don’t have any experience doing yoga or meditation. Just something to get together and de-stress (and to learn something you can use every day to relax, even after the session is over!). I hope to see you there!I have attached a word doc with the link to the meeting. If anyone has trouble with it or has any questions, please let me know!”

Link for Zoom meeting:

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