First2 Network Convening on STEM Persistence

Sharing Resources to Improve STEM Persistence of our Rural First Generation STEM Undergraduates

October 6-7, 2017

Scout Leadership Service Center
2829 Kanawha Blvd. East – Charleston WV 25311

Over the past year,  with pilot funding from the National Science Foundation, the First 2 Network was formed. A small group of dedicated educators and policy makers, have been  developing and testing some ideas that might positively impact STEM persistence among rural first generation college students. These ideas include:

  • STEM Research Experience for rising freshmen and sophomores
  • Student driven problem articulation and problem solving
  • STEM Peer Mentoring
  • Community Leadership Development via a Hometown Ambassadors Program

One thing we have learned during this year of exploration, is that there is already so much good work being done. All across the State,  we hear of programs you are developing, and trying, and learning from. We think it’s time to get together, and share with each other, and develop a  wider network! 

This work could lead to a large proposal to the NSF with substantial funding. Please bring your voice to the table and let’s figure out how to move forward!

Convening Overview:

Friday October 6, 6-9 PM Reception
Find affinity group assignment: Interactive activity

Saturday October 7, 9-4:30 PM
9:00 AM First 2 Network

  1. Intro to the First2 project, and what we’ve been doing
  2. Why is STEM Persistence important to you

10:00 AM Interactive activity: Defining the Problem/What are the Drivers
12:00 PM Lunch- Poster Session –
1:30 PM  Get together in affinity groups to: Build, Share and Steal.
2:30 PM Report out
3:15 PM Group think on most important things to pursue first


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