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First2 Students

FIRST2: Welcoming all students as leaders

All students who participate in the First2 Network are our student leaders and ambassadors for our networkThe First2 Network welcomes first-generation students, other underrepresented students in STEM fields, and student allies. Recent alumni are encouraged to continue their involvement with the network as well.

First2 Network is committed to providing travel support, meals, and lodging to support student participation in network meetings and events. First2 Network is also committed to providing leadership development training, access to opportunities, and mentoring to students in our network.

First2 Network Promotional Video, 2018 from Thrown2Gether Productions (T2G) on Vimeo.


All students are invited to participate in the First2 Student Leadership State-Wide Working Group. Participation for First2 Scholars (students receiving educational stipends from First2) is expected, and participation is open to any interested student. This working group will meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time (i.e. the first Monday of the month from 6-7 pm).

NOTE: Student groups will only meet as needed during the summer months.