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First2 Network Newsletter

April, 2019

Issue 1 In case you want to learn a little before the conference.
First2 Network

Hi! At the request of one of our conference participants, we put together a linked list of some background materials on the First2 Network. If you would like to learn about First2 ahead of the conference feel free to browse these materials. As with all things this list could improve.

Drop me an email if you would like to see some additional materials or have any questions!

Sue Ann Heatherly, :

  1. First2 Network Overview:
  2. Milestones:
  3. Logic Model:
  4. 2 page description of the First2 Network 2019:
  5. The Year1 Annual Report to the NSF (2017). This report contains early research results from the pilot project and is a good overview to our initial thinking

These materials and others are located in our Onboarding folder in Google Drive:

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